TEATRO DELUXE is an artistic research project that looks into photography, video and performance, exploring the body as signifier and the connection between the different media. Operating since 2008 by Vera Michela Suprani (performer) and Claudio Oliva (director and photographer), the group has presented his works in Italy and abroad: Germany, USA, Israel, Colombia, Spain and France.
TEATRO DELUXE is the first european group participant in KC Fringe Festival MO, USA, and the first italian group to exhibit at Theaterlab, Manhattan NYC, USA.



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Anthroposcenic reflections. The iconic universality of Teatro Deluxe

by Massimo Schiavoni

For a long time, Italy has been a leader in the context of the arts. It is proving itself to be at high grades once more, thanks to those artists had a chance to pursue their career abroad, thus achieving  resounding success for their specific international peculiarity, for their overall view beyond provincialism, but above all, for manifesting professionality and reliabilty typical of planetary contests and festivals.

Vera Michela Suprani and Claudio Oliva – founders of the artistic project Teatro Deluxe , which examines visual arts fields from different perspectives, including dancing – succeeded thanks to their stubbornness and competence…